Swollen Skateboard Company is new to the industry, but the concept goes way back. Company owner Spencer W. started skating at the age of 8 in 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland. A street skater at heart Spencer had radical ideas, a punk rock edge and was dedicated to the hardcore alternative skateboarding lifestyle. Girlies, grinds, ollies, wall rides and fast handrails best represent this company and its owner.

Skateboarding was huge in the public eye throughout Spencer's teen years and then started to take an underground turn around 1990. The best skaters of the industry all seemed to start in this same era. Those who were the elite kept on skating and flourished on the West Coast, and skating for Spencer took a quiet East Coast rest. With skateboarding always on his mind and a skateboard in his trunk at all times, life rolled on. Spencer followed a path that has brought him once again back into the skateboard world at the age of 32.

Skateboarding as an industry has evolved over the past few decades. It has become many things as it has come and gone. It has been represented by many companies, many iconic public figures, and now become a true Hollywood racket of tours, video games and toys. Growing up skateboarding meant something different to Spencer, it was a way of life and a constant thought from sunrise until sunset and even after. Skating was a way to hang out with friends and be loud, sometimes mischievous, sometimes not, and sometimes it meant a chance win a contest or two. Skateboarding meant skating ditches and pools on weekends, skating parking lots and garages under the lights all night, carrying home parking blocks and picnic benches to grind and slide, and sometimes it meant solitude as you sat on your deck and just watched people and life pass you by. Skating meant skater chics, loud hardcore skate rock, kick ass stickers, and a chance to express yourself on your grip-tape in a way your parents never approved of. Skating meant trying to figure out how you were going to come up with fifty bucks to buy that next cool deck that just came out

Today we have Swollen Skateboard Company. It is a truly hardcore skate company with Spencer's image, Spencer's thoughts and designs behind it, and his lack of concern for the public's censorship drive. Swollen is an attitude, a hardcore skaters' dream, a freedom from the world so that you can thrash the streets, ramps and parks with confidence. Once your riding a Swollen deck everything you need is right there beneath your feet. Superior deck technologies, tested and proven shapes and concaves, great pop, and a freedom of thought that comes along with it that no other skate company today can offer.

Swollen is what happens to your head when you pull of a trick for the first time. Swollen is what happens to your knee or elbow when you slam. Swollen is what happens to you when you see a hot chic. Swollen is what happens to your fist when you break someone's face for talking trash. Swollen is what happens to a girls chest and ego when they get big pornstar implants. Swollen is what happens to your blood pressure when your skating away from Johny Law. Swollen is what you want to do to your girlfriend but she just won't let you. Swollen is what happens to your heart when that same girl breaks it. Swollen is the feeling you get while your getting inked and pierced. Swollen is that feeling you get at the end of the day when you had a perfect game of skate! *

Swollen is whatever any hardcore skater wants it to be. Skate with an attitude, a freedom of religion, a freedom from the law, a freedom from society and a freedom from everything but your own thoughts, the pavement and your skateboard. Skate Swollen Skateboards.

With almost a lifetime of skating behind him, and over 13 years experience in photography and video editing, Spencer now brings his life experiences and friends into the world of skateboarding. His thoughts and his hardcore never dying skater attitude have been transformed into a brand like none other today. Whether or not you agree with everything that Swollen Skateboard Company stands for is entirely up to you. Whether you think our hardcore attitude towards skateboarding is ingestible is also up to you. It is our hopes that you clearly understandwhat we are about, get the best from our products, and stand behind us as the last hardcore skate company left on the planet today.

Swollen Skateboards is a company born out of a hardcore skater's mind, it's as real as it gets.

Thank you for taking your time to read our story, we will continue to produce quality products for the skaters and skate chics of today in the traditions of hardcore forever!

Spencer W.
Swollen Skateboards

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* Swollen Skateboards does not endorse, support, or promote any illegal skating, tagging, running from the law or trespassing whatsoever.