What are the Swollen Girls? How do I become a Swollen Girl? What are the steps? Why should I do this? How many pictures do I need? What if I do not have a Photographer? How old do I have to be?

Please read all of the following information before emailing us with questions.

Swollen Skateboards selects certain "core" girls to represent us on our website and in our catalogues from around the world. Swollen girls represent what Swollen Skateboards is all about and they exemplify our brand and the lifestyle that we lead. There is not just one certain type of look that Swollen prefers or is specifically looking for. We love pinups, Goth, gore, core, inked, pierced, scene, metal, skate, punk, hardcore and more. We may have even asked you to look into shooting for us, and thank you for making it to this page.

If you think that you may be a "SWOLLEN GIRL", and you are 18 years of age or older, please FOLLOW THE STEPS below to go from being a "SWOLLEN MAYBE" to a possible "OFFICIAL SWOLLEN SKATEBOARDS GIRL"!

Please do not email us asking us “Why should I become a Swollen Girl?”….that question must be answered by you.  We do not pay you, we do not pay for a photographer to shoot you, and we do not mail you tons of totally free merchandise hoping you will take some pictures in our goods. Official Swollen girls do though receive “wholesale” cost on every item that we make for life!  Swollen Girls are Swollen Girls because they believe in our brand, who we are, and what we are trying to do. They want to be involved and model for the most cutting-edge, hardcore skateboard company on the planet.  If you do not already know what Swollen is all about you can go HERE and read all about us.

Steps to becoming a Swollen Girl!

  1. Purchase your favorite Swollen Skateboards Girls T from our official website ONLINE STORE. As much as we would love to give out free t-shirts to every girl that expresses an interest in becoming a Swollen Girl, it is just not possible for us to do so. Please understand that with the large number of Swollen Girl applications we have received since our brand has hit the market, we must try and determine those applicants that are serious about representing our company and those that are simply looking for free stuff and have no plans on sending us a photo shoot. We would like to believe that everyone contacting us has good intentions; unfortunately we have found out the hard way that this is not always the case. The good news is that if you do indeed make it to Official Swollen Girl you will receive wholesale cost on every single item we make for life.
  2. Email us a clear snapshot of yourself in the Swollen Skateboards shirt that you purchased, along with any other shots that you may want us to review. It is always best to send us a clear full standing frontal, side and rear shot. These pictures do not have to be professional, they can even be self-timed portraits, but they do have to be of good viewable size and resolution. If you have a website or a myspace we may have already seen you, and in that case this step would not be necessary and you can continue to step 3.
  3. After we review the photos we may then ask you to do a full photo shoot for us which must consist of a full set of minimally 60 clear, high resolution photos (minimally 5 megapixels) that should be shot by the most professional or trusted person you have access to. If you are in a reasonably close traveling distance of Swollen’s World Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland we do recommend that you shoot with one of our renowned professional staff photographers to assure the outcome of the set. We will set this up for you at this point if you would like.
  4. Once your shoot is complete and you are ready to send in your set to find out if you are going from a "SWOLLEN MAYBE" to an "OFFICIAL SWOLLEN SKATEBOARDS GIRL" we will then ask you to sign our standard modeling release contract, that we will email to you at this point, and provide us with a color copy of a legal form of picture ID to prove your age.

We look forward to having you represent and be a part of the hardest core skateboard company on the planet today!


Thank you for your interest in representing our brand, good luck!

Swollen Skateboards